Play around with navigation class in style.css file for this look.  You can also look for professional customization services for getting this look to navigation.


I might take the path of a professional as I'm not familiar with all that.


What theme are you using? Changing the style is actually pretty easy. Do you know how to use CSS? Can you access your child files?


You can try the WP-Paginate plugin or you can modify the CSS of your Child Theme like I did with mine.

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Im using the magazine child theme... And I can access my files, but I'm not familiar with CSS at all

Brad Dalton

I think you'll find Genesis 2.0 may include pagination for single posts and should be released shortly after WordPress.3.6 which is at Beta 3.


I see that my post is chopped in two pieces...

Should be:

I am trying the nextpage function in wordpress, but I don’t like the look of it.

Does someone know how to achieve something like this site??

Thanks for the heads up Brad, cause right now I'm using a plugin for that.

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